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If you need a childcare place in a kindergarten (3-6 years) in Graz, the following applies:

Completed full registration and thus determination of the residential address

Please contact the Department for Education and Integration, Keesgasse 6, 8010 Graz, abiservice@stadt.graz.at, +43 316 872 7474 with proof of registration

Costs: The food contribution for the crèche and the kindergarten in the amount of € 37.98 is to be paid as a minimum contribution.

The ABI-Service looks for a free childcare place near the place of residence and the first contact is made between the management and the refugee family.

School places:

If you need a school place at an elementary school (around 6 – 10 years), middle school (around 10 – 14 years) or polytechnic school (around 15 years) in Graz, please contact the Department for Education and Integration of the City of Graz, Keesgasse 6, 8010 Graz, email: abiservice@stadt.graz.at, phone: +43 316 872-7474 or come directly to the “Grazer Welcome School”, Elisabethstraße 56, 8010 Graz.

If you need a school place at an AHS (general secondary school) or BMHS (vocational middle or higher school) for young people aged 15 and over. contact the school directly.

If you need one outside of Graz, contact the school or municipality of residence directly.

School day care:

If you need afternoon care for your elementary school child (around 6-10 years) or middle school child (around 10-14 years) in Graz, the following applies:

Completed full registration, so that you can determine your residential address and obtain basic services.

Please contact the management if there is a vacancy.

Complete the registration formalities together with the management.

Costs: The fee for school day care in elementary schools and middle schools for 5 days of care per week is € 79.40 per month.

Care for individual days of the week is also possible and reduces the cost contribution

More info about Graz: https://www.graz.at/cms/beitrag/10387104/8144945/Aktuelle_Informationen_zur_Ukraine.html

Carinthia childcare addresses p.128-146 : https://www.klagenfurt.at/_Resources/Persistent/d57aa396a86db1ecc1df8abd359b2cb3887fca7c/1%29%208.21%20AKTUELLE%20Frauen_Topadressen.pdf


Styria (Steiermark): Caritas Steiermark (link only in German), Zebra

Carinthia (Kärnten): Diakonie – Unabhängige Beratung Kärnten