Who are we?

  • The Silicon Alps Cluster is an Austrian technology and innovation cluster for electronic based systems. As a public-private partnership, the cluster brings Austrian players from industry, research & development and public authorities together to develop and position the electronics and microelectronics sector with a regional focus on the South of Austria.
  • Our partners consist of industry, academia and public institutions.
  • We are aiming to promote the location’s international visibility in order to boost the competitiveness and innovative performance of our partner companies.
  • We created Ukraine Talentpipline to offer help to Ukrainians affected by the war as a solidarity and humanity initiative.

Our academical partners of this initiative provide following study opportunities in order for you to continue your education in Austria:

  • TU Graz

BA: Digital Engineering, Elektrotechnik, Mathematik, Physik, Informatik, Information and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Management

MA: Information and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Management, Mathematics, Physics, Technical Physics, Digital Transformation

  • AAU

BA: Applied Informatics, Information technology, Robotics and Artificial intelligence, Technical Math, Wirtschaftsinformatik

MA: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, Game Studies and Engineering, Informatics, Information Management, Information and Communications Engineering, Mathemtics,

  • FH Joanneum

BA: Mobile Software Development, Software Design and Cloud Computing, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Industrial Mechatronics

MA: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IT& Mobile Security, IT Architecture, IT Law& Management, Software and Digital Experience Engineering

  • KF Uni Graz

BA: Mathematics, Physics

MA: Mathematics, Physics

  • FH Campus

BA: Angewandte Elektronik, Clinical Engineering, Computer Science and Digital Communications, High Tech Manufacturing

MA: Electronic Systems Engineering, Green Mobility, Health Assisting Engineering, High Tech Manufacturing, IT Security, Multilingual Technology, Safety and Systems Engineering, Software design and engineering, Technisches Management

  • FH Kärnten

BA: Multimedia Technology, Network & Communication Engineering, Informationstechnologien, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering

MA: Applied Data Science, Communication Engineering, Electrical Energy and Mobility Systems, Industrial Engineering & Management, Industrial Power Electronics, Integrated Systems and Circuits Design, Light Weight Engineering, Systems Design

  • MUL

      BA: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Data Science, Materials Science

      MA: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Polymer Engineering and Science, Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (AMASE)